Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

Page 181

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defined, A-18
linking options, 1-16
Oracle Protocol Support

installation types available with, A-4, A-6

pre-installation tasks

shutting down listeners, 3-20

Oracle Net Server

defined, A-18

Oracle Options

requirements, 1-14

Oracle Parallel Server

re-installing, 4-11

Oracle Partitioning

defined, A-19

Oracle PL/SQL Gateway

defined, A-19

Oracle Precompilers

post-installation tasks, 5-16

Oracle Real Application Clusters

defined, A-19

Oracle Real Application Clusters Guard

defined, A-20

Oracle Server

automating startup and shutdown, 5-13

oracle software owner

See oracle account

Oracle Spatial

defined, A-20

Oracle Spatial Data Cartridge. See Oracle Spatial
Oracle Spatial Index Advisor, defined, A-20
Oracle Text

defined, A-21

Oracle Text Manager

defined, A-21

Oracle Transparent Gateway


hardware requirements for, C-3


installation prompts for, C-9

installation prompts for, C-8
installation worksheets for, C-6

installation worksheet for, C-7


installation prompts for, C-9

removing, C-9

installation worksheet for, C-7

Oracle Universal Installer

and migrating data, 1-7
and upgrading software, 1-7
database creation methods, 1-5
defined, A-21
inventory, 3-2, 4-8
log files, 4-8
response files

list of, 1-19

Oracle Utilities

defined, A-22

Oracle Visual Information Retrieval

requirements, 1-14

Oracle Wallet Manager

and Secure Socket Layer, 1-15
defined, A-22

Oracle XML Developer’s Kit

defined, A-22


oracle account home directory, 3-17
requirements, 3-2


migration, 3-3


creating account, 3-6
MAXSYSGROUP requirement, 3-6
quotas required, 3-9
relinking, 5-29
setting system parameters, 3-15


64-bit feature, B-1

Oracle9i Client

disk space requirements, 1-10
memory requirements, 1-8
response file, 1-19

Oracle9i Client top-level component, installation

types available with, A-8

Oracle9i Enterprise Edition

disk space requirements, 1-10

Oracle9i Enterprise Edition top-level component

installation types available with, A-2

Oracle9i JVM