Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Product Descriptions

Oracle9i Products



Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Applications

release 9.0.1

The Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Applications extends Oracle
Enterprise Manager to enable administrators to correlate all tiers of their Oracle
Applications deployment


This deployment extends from Oracle

Applications-specific Concurrent Processing down through the middle tier to
the database and node.

For more information, refer to Getting Started with the Oracle Management Pack for
Oracle Applications.


Oracle Tuning Pack

release 9.0.1

The Oracle Tuning Pack provides advanced tools that focus on tuning the
highest impact database performance areas, such as application SQL, indexing
strategies, instance parameters controlling I/O, SGA performance and object
sizing, placement, and reorganization


The applications that are included in

the Oracle Tuning Pack are Oracle SQL Analyze, Oracle Expert, Outline Editor,
Outline Management, Oracle Index, Tuning Wizard, Reorg Wizard, and the
Tablespace Map.

For more information, refer to Database Tuning with the Oracle Tuning Pack.


Oracle Enterprise Manager Quick Tours

release 9.0.1

These quick tours are HTML-based training tools for learning Oracle Enterprise
Manager products.

For more information, refer to Oracle Enterprise Manager Administrator’s Guide.


Oracle HTTP Server Powered By Apache


Oracle HTTP Server Powered by Apache provides a pre configured,
ready-to-use listener.

For more information, refer to Apache documentation.


Oracle HTTP Server replaces Oracle Application Server