Threading the machine – SINGER 8019 User Manual

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Threading The Machine

1. Raise presser foot and be sure needle is in

its highest position.

2. Place spool of thread on horizontal spool

pin. If spool being used has a retaining slit,
this should be placed to the right.

3. Press appropriate thread lead-off holder

firmly against spool.

A. For large spools of thread, use the large

holder with the wide end against the

B. For medium size spools, use the large

holder with the narrow end against the

C. For small diameters spools with either

large or small quantities of thread, use
the small lead-off which comes in your
accessory box.

4. Lead thread from spool holder and snap It

down Into guidepost eyelet


5. Hold thread down under finger, as illus­

trated, and lead thread-under rear thread



behind pre-tension disc, and

across slot in top of machine.

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