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4. Adjusting Needle-Thread Tension

When you are preparing to do zig-zag
stitching, make a test sample with the
fabric and thread you plan to use so that
you can adjust the needle-thread tension

Zig-zag stitching requires less tension
than straight stitching. Notice the stitching
on your test sample. The stitchesshould lie
flat Bagainstthefabric without causingthe
fabric to pucker. If the stitches are not flat
C and thefabric is puckering, lower the ten­
sion by turning the dial to a lower number.

5. Adjusting Stitch Balance

(only 8019)

When you are using a



you may need to balance your stitching in
order to achieve the correct pattern D (see

Before you movethestitch balancecontrol
lever E from Its neutral position (lever at

center of | ),makeatest sample. If adjust­

ment Is required, stitch slowly and move

the stitch balance control lever as you sew.

pattern together.

the pattern.


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