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Page 46: Step 3: side stitching, Step 4: finai bar tack, Step 5: fastening stitch

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Place work under needle, aligning centre
marking of buttonhole with the black line in

the center of the special purpose foot.

step 1: Side Stitching

Position needle in fabric at point A. Lower the

foot and stitch to end of marking. Leave

needle in fabric at point B. Raise foot and
pivot work on needle. Lower the foot. Take

one stitch without changing stitch width

setting, bringing work to point C.

step 2: Bar Tack

Adjust stitch width selector for bar tacks, and
take about six stitches. Stop at point D.

step 3: Side Stitching

Readjust stitch width selector for side stitch­
ing. Complete work to point E. Leave needle

in fabric,

step 4: Finai Bar Tack

Adjust Stitch width selector for bar tacks, and
take about six stitches ending at point F.

step 5: Fastening Stitch

To secure stitching, move stitch width selec­
tor to i and take three stitches. Remove

work, draw threads to underside, fasten, and
trim. Cut opening for button with sharp


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