Changing presser feet, Removing and repiacing needie plate, Attaching snap-in feed cover – SINGER 8019 User Manual

Page 9: Removing and replacing needle plate

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Changing Presser Feet

Most presser feet furnished with your machine

snap on and off a common shank.

e Raise needle and take-up lever to highest

position by turning hand wheel toward you.

• Raise presser foot.

To remove the complete presser foot (with
shank), of snap-on presser feet and one-

piece presser foot for button sewing, loosen

the presser foot screw and remove shank and
foot together.

1. Press toe of presser foot upward as far as it

will go. Then snap down to remove.

2. Center the new presser foot under the

shank J.

Lower the presser foot lifter K so that the
shank fits over the presser foot pin.

3. Press presser foot screw down firmly until

foot snaps into place.

Removing and Repiacing
Needie Plate

e Raise presser foot.

e Turn hand wheel toward you until the needle

is in its highest position.

• Open the slide plate. Lift needle plate up and to

the right until it snaps free.

• Insert new needle plate by placing it under the

clamping pin (1) push it gently to the left and
press down until it snaps into place.

a Close slide plate.

Attaching Snap-In

Feed Cover

• Raise needle to highest position by turning

hand wheel

toward you.

• Raise presser foot, open slide plate and in­

sert zig-zag needle plate.

• Slide snap-in feed cover away from you over

needle plate until points (1) and (2) are positioned

directly over holes in needle plate as illustrated.
Snap in point (1). Then push (2) in toward point
(1) until it snaps into place. Close slide plate.

• To remove, open slide plate then simply lift

up front edge of feed cover, and remove.

Close slide plate.

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