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Twin-Needle Stitching

By using a twin needle, you can produce
simultaneously two parallel, closely spaced lines

of straight or zig-zag stitching. Effective for
decoration, twin-needle stitching is not
recommended for seams or for use on knits.

Your machine is not supplied with the twin needle
or spool pin. These may be obtained from your local

SINGER stockist as optional accessories.

Before inserting the twin needle, place the needle
position selector at centre and stitch width
selector at ; and, remove the single needle.

threading the twin needle

1. Thread machine with first thread from horizontal

spool pin as instructed on page 9, making certain

thread passes between tension separator and


tension disc.

2. Raise presser foot.

3. Insert twin-needle spool pin (optional) into hole

provided for it in machine top cover.


4. Pass the horizontal spool pin thread through left

eye of needle.

5. Place vertical spool of thread on detachable

spool pin and thread machine as for one-needle
stitbhing except;

• Pass thread between tension separator and


tension disc. Continue to thread

all other threading points.

• Pass thread through right

eye of needle.

6. Draw both threads under the foot and back

along with the bobbin thread.

7. Slowly lower the needle into the hole in the

needle plate by turning the hand wheel toward

you to make sure the needle clears the plate.

8. Make sure not to use a stitch width greater than

that what is recommended when twin needle

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