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construction details

zipper Insertion

How the zipper is inserted will depend on the
type of the garment and the location of the

zipper. With the adjustable zipper foot, you
will find It easy to sew an even line of stitching
close to the zipper. For Inserting the zipper
foot on machine see pages 4 and 7.

• Pattern Group:


Any Yellow Pattern

• Stitch Width: [71

I I I j

• Needle Position:

L [X] ^

• Stitch Length: To suit fabric

• Zipper Foot

The zipper foot can be used either to the left
or right of the needle—depending on where
the bulk of the garment Is placed.

Attaching the Zipper Foot

When the zipper foot is to the right of the needle:

• Attach left side of zipper foot to shank (needle

will enter left notch in foot)—see Illustration A.

When thezipperfoot istothe left of the needle:

e Attach right side of zipper foot to shank

(needle will enter right notch in foot)—see
illustration B.

Zipper inserted under ieft
Lapped Seam

• Baste the seam line the exact length of the

garment opening and press the seam open.

e Attach the zipper foot to the right of the nee­

dle (illustration A).

e Open the zipper.

e Flatten out the back seam allowance and

place the zipper face down on it, as illustrated,

with the edge of the zipper teeth following
the seam line.

• Stitch the zipper tape onto the seam


• Adjust the foot to the left of the needle (il­



• Close the zipper and turn it face up.

• Smooth back the seam allowance at the

edge of the zipper.

• Top stitch to the tape close to the folded


• Spread garment flat and turn zipper face

down over front seam allowance.

• Hand baste zipper to garment from wrong

side, through zipper tape, seam allowance,
and front of garment.

• Turn garment right side out.

• Adjust zipper foot to right side of needle and

stitch across the lower end of the zipper and
up to the waistline, using the basting stitches
as a guide.

• Remove bastings. Press.

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