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Page 43: Four-step buttonholing

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Buttonhole Length

A buttonhole length should be just long
enough to allow the button to slip through the
opening without stretching. You can esti­

mate the proper buttonhole length by mea­

suring the width plus the thickness of the
button. To make sure the measurements is
correct, cut a slit in a scrap of fabric the
diameter of the button you intend to use.

Increase length of opening until button slips

through easily. This test Is particularly ad­
visable for buttons of unusual shape or


Cutting Button Opening

Place a pin across the cutting space at each

end of the buttonhole to protect the end
stitching. Use a pair of small sharp scissors to
cut button opening. Insert blade in center of
cutting space and cut from this point in either

Four-Step Buttonhoiing

(only 8007 and 8019)

The four dial settings for buttonholing are lo­
cated on the opposite side of the stitch length

selector. As you turn the dial for each step,
your machine is automatically set for the cor­

rect needle position, stitch width, and stitch

length, as well as for stitching direction for

that step. You need not turn the fabric during


* •

• Pattern Group: ¡|f Yellow

• Buttonhole Foot

• Zig-Zag Needle Plate


• Follow the Instructions beginning on page

40 for preparing and marking the garment.

• Raise the needle above the fabric.

• Position the work under the buttonhole foot

aligning centre marking A of buttonhole
with centre red line B on the foot.

• Align end marking C of buttonhole with the

horizontal red lines on the foot.

• Set reverse-stitch push button in neutral

position D. Adjust if necessary to equalize
difference in stitch density between left and
right side of test buttonhole. Turn to page 43
for detailed instructions.


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