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Free-Motion Stitching

In tree-motion stitching, you sew without a

presser foot and control fabric movement by
means of an embroidery hoop. Either a
straight stitch or a plain zig-zag stitch can be
used. Because you can move the hoop in any
direction—forward or backward, from side to

side, or even diagonally — tree-motion stitch­

ing is extremely useful for embroidery de­
signs. On the other hand, it is equally useful

for darning.

If you are embroidering, you can vary the
length of stitches simply by moving the hoop

faster or slower under the needle. The faster
you move the hoop, the longer the stitches
will be. You can also vary the width of zig-zag
stitches from wide to narrow by controlling
the angle at which the hoop is placed and

moved under the needle.

For darning, the embroidery hoop used In

free-motion stitching enables you to hold
fabric taut — a real advantage when your
fabric is lightweight or soft and thus likely to

pucker. See page 47 for directions.



Have available an embroidery hoop

designed for machine use, large enough
to encompass the entire design, but small
enough so that hoop is easily managed.

2. Remove the presser foot.

3. Insert zig-zag heedle plate and snap-in

feed cover.


Rotate stitch length selector dial clock­

wise to 0.


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