Accessories, Needles, Presser feet – SINGER 8019 User Manual

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The accessories that come with your sewing machine will help you to sew with ease

and comfort.


IMPORTANT: Yoursewing machine has been
designed to obtain best results with SINGER*
needles. You should follow the recommenda­

tions in this instruction book and on the nee­
dle package for correct style and size of nee­
dle for different types and weights of fabric.

• Catalog 2020 needles, for all-purpose sewing.

• Catalog 2045 needles, for sewing synthetic

knit and stretch fabrics.

Presser Feet

Additional interchangeable snap-on presser

1. The zig-zag foot on your machine.

2. Buttonhole foot to make square-end


(only 8007 and 8019)

3. Zipper foot for inserting zippers and

stitching corded seams.

4. Special purpose foot for all kinds of

decorative zig-zag stitching.

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