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1. Adjusting Width

Of The Design

Before m oving stitch width selector, always

raise needle above fabric.

To produce a zig-zag stitch, the stitch
width selector must be moved from


toward the right. The further you move the
selector lever toward the right, the wider
your stitch will be.

2. Adjusting Stitch Piacement

Before m oving needle position selector,

m ake sure needle is above fabric.

A needle position selector setting of

places the needle in centre stitching posi­

tion. Selector settings and J[ place
the needle in left and right stitching posi­
tion at stitch width settings narrower than

the maximum width.

Selector setting


(centre) is used most

often. Settings (left) and (right) are
for special placement of stitching. For ex­
ample, a (left) or setting is used for







setting is used to place narrow zig-zag
stitching to the left or right of centre In
decorative work.

3. Adjusting Stitch Length

When you are preparing to do zig-zag
stitching, make a test sample with the
fabric and thread you plan to use so that
you can adjust the stitch length correctly.

Any stitch length setting from 1 to 4 will give
you an open zig-zag stitch of whichever


Stitch pattern you select. The higher

the number, the more open , or farther apart,
your stitch will be.

The area between 1 and 0 of the selector is used
for the fine adjustment of zig-zag satin stitching.

For information on satin stitch length adjustment,

see page 25.

For all green or blue Flexi-Stitch patterns, stitch
length is controlled with a single setting of the stitch
length selector. Simply rotate it until the
(Green/Blue) mark A is under the triangle above

the selector.


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