Starting a seam – SINGER 8019 User Manual

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9mm (3/8")

1.3cm (1/2")

9cm (3/4")

1.6cm (5/8")

Starting a Seam

1. Set Stitch length selector for desired length

of stitch.

2. Align edge of fabric along one of the num­

bered guidelines on the needle plate.

3. Position needle in fabric about 1.3cm (’/



from the edge.


Lower the presser foot. Depress and hold

reverse-stitch push button, and run the
machine at a slow speed.

• While holding reverse-stitch push button,

back-stitch to edge of fabric for reinforce­
ment. (Do not sew beyond edge of fabric).

5. Release push button and stitch forward

to end of fabric, using the selected guide­

line to keep seam straight.


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