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floral designs


• Pattern Group:




l i l i

• Stitch Width:

• Needle Position: i.


• Stitch Length:©

• Presser Foot: None

• Snap-In Feed Cover

• Speed Range: To suit operator

* •

With a little practice on yoursewing machine,
you will be able to embroider flowers to decor­
ate table linens and other household Items, as

well as dresses and blouses. If you have de­
signing skill, you will enjoy creating your own

designs. Otherwise, you can buy attractive
transfer patterns.

To embroider flower designs, prepare the machine
and your fabric by following the same steps as for
free-motion stitching (page28).

On your test sample, try out different stitch
width settings to determine the one or more
best suited to your design.

When filling in outlines, place stitches in

parallel lines, shifting the hoop movement as

appropriate to the design.

• For a smooth satin stitch that will catch the

light, place the parallel stitches close to­

gether, moving the hoop slowly and

For an irregular texture, move the hoop
more rapidly, allowing some stitches to

A series of bar tacks can be used to form
spray-like leaves or flowers.

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