Thread lead-off, Container of oil, Blindstitch hem guide – SINGER 8019 User Manual

Page 7: Optional accessories

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Thread Lead-Off

This lead-off holds narrow-diameter spools
of thread on the spool pin. (See page 9)

Container Of Oil

One container of oil.
Your machine will serve you perfectly for

many years if you will take a few moments to

keep it In good operating condition.

Blindstitch Hem Guide

The blindstitch hem guide, used with the
zig-zag foot, positions the hem fold in front of

the needle for blindstitch hemming. To attach
guide, loosen presser foot shank. Make sure

underside of guide ctears the slide plate and

front of foot.
Tighten presser-foot screw.

(only 8007 and 8019)

Optional Accessories


• Catalog 2025f needle for twin-needle work.


Use this needle with the zig-zag

plate and zig-zag foot or special-purpose foot

only. Do not use any other accessories with
this needle as needle breakage will occur.

Straight stitch foot for close fabric control.

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