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Zig-Zag Stitching

how patterns are produced

There are two kinds of stitch patterns built into your

machine: Fashion * Stitch patterns A (only 8007
and 80T9) and Flexi-Stitch* patterns B (only


The Fashion Stitch patterns, colour-coded yellow
on your machine are produced by the side to side

movement of the needle. The Flexi-Stitch patterns,

colour-coded green and blue (identified by t in the

illustration below) are produced by both the side

to side movement of the needle and the back and
forth movement of the feed to produce multi­

purpose and decorative stitch patterns.

The six groups of three stitches each that

are built into your machine are illustrated

tSLOW speed setting is recommended for sewing



This stitch is designed for strength and performance
and cannot readily be ripped out without risk of fabric

Stitch Pattern Groups


(only 8007 and 8019 — Yellow)


t t

t t

t t

B (only 8019 — Green and Blue)


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