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Setting a Needle Position

The needle position selector B places the

needle in left (

), center ( X ) or right

( X ) stitching position. You will need to set
it before you start running the machine.


m oving




m ake

sure the needle is out of the fabric.

To position the needle, slide the lever to left or
right until indicator line is under desired


Normally you will use the

center ( X ) needle position. But if you wish
to place the stitching at left or right of center,

slide the lever to desired position. The zig-zag

needle plate and zig-zag foot must be used if
left or right needle positions are selected.

Zig-Zag Stitching:

You will use center ( X )

position most often. Left ( X )
( X ) positions are for special stitch

placement. For example: A X setting is
used for button sewing. Settings X ^nd


are used to place narrow zig-zag

stitching to the left and right of center in
decorative work.

1 1 -L


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