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hints for home service

If needle breaks, make sure...

• Needle is straight, correct style for machine

and proper size for thread being used.

• Needle Is correctly Inserted Into machine.

e Stitch width and needle position selectors

are correctly set for work being done.

• Stitch width setting does not exceed

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setting when twin needle Is used.

• Presser foot shank Is securely fastened to

presser bar.

If needle thread breaks, make sure...

• Machine is threaded properly.

• Thread Is unwinding freely from spool.

• Thread is free from Irregularities.

• Needle is correct size for thread.

e Needle-thread tension is not too light.

• Bobbin and bobbin case are properly in­

serted in machine.

• Bobbin halves are evenly and securely

screwed together.

Remember to...

e Remove thread from bobbin before rewinding.

e Set combination stitch length and button­

hole dial for regular stitching when not mak­
ing buttonholes.

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