Only 8007 and 8019), Selecting a stitch pattern, Only 8019) – SINGER 8019 User Manual

Page 24: Selecting and adjusting zig-zag stitches, Selecting a pattern group

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selecting and adjusting zig-zag stitches

Selecting a Pattern Group

(only 8007 and 8019)

When you rotate the pattern group selector C selector as required, sliding the indicator through
one of six different groups of pattern stitches the panel, until it positions one of the pattern groups

Is available to you. Rotate the pattern group you’ve chosen.

Selecting a Stitch Pattern

(only 8019)

The stitch pattern selector D lets you choose one
of the three stitches from the group you have

selected. Notice the colour of the stitch you have
chosen: green (1), yellow (2), or blue (3). To select
any pattern, slide pattern selector until it is
aligned with corresponding colour.


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