Machine settings, Straight stitching with a twin needie, Zig-zag stitching with a twin needie – SINGER 8019 User Manual

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machine settings

Straight Stitching With a

Twin Needie

.stitch Width: [ D i l l i

• Needle Position:

[2 ^

• Stitch Pattern: Any Yellow Pattern

• Zig-Zag Pressar Foot

• Zig-Zag Needle Plate

Zig-Zag Stitching With a
Twin Needie

• Pattern Group: Any Zig-Zag Pattern

.stitchWidth:! [Ql i

Note: Do not exceed this stitch width setting.

• Needle Position:

[2 Jl

• Zig-Zag Pressar Foot (open patterns or

Special Purpose Foot (satin stitching)

• Zig-Zag Needle Plate

tCAUTION: Do not use a stitch width greater than what is recommended.

A wider stitch will result In needle breakage.


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