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Attaching Elastic

Pattern Group:

Stitch Width:

(Green) (Blue) or


• Needle Position: Jw

• Stitch Length: Approx. 1.5

(for Yellow pattern)
or (Green/Blue) |ji

• Zig-Zag Presser Foot and Needle Plate

To Attach Waistline Elastic

e Fit elastic for desired snugness at waistline,

allowing 1 inch (2.5cm) for joining. Lap
ends to form a band and straight stitch
together as shown using a ball point needle.

• Divide elastic band into four equal segments

and mark with pins. Do the same to the gar­

ment. Then pin together at corresponding
points, pinning elastic over right side of
fabric, top edges even.

• Sew a few straight stitches to anchor elastic

to fabric.

• Select honeycomb.

• Then hold elastic and garment edge taut as

you stitch so that it will remain stretchable
after stitching is completed.


not pull the fabric while you

are stitching as this m ay deflect the needle,

causing it to break.

Finishes For Hems And Facings

» Pattern Group: ffl i (Green) or (Yellow)

• Stitch Width: :



• Needle Position: J»

\J^ A

Stitch Length: to suit fabric and stitch

• Special Purpose Presser Foot

• Zig-Zag Needle Plate

* •

• Make a test sample first.

• Place stitching about 3mm (1/8") in from

hem or facing edge.

• Press after stitching and trim away excess

fabric close to the stitching line.


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