Configure the touch screen, Calibrate the touch-screen – Rockwell Automation 2711P PanelView Plus Terminal User Manual User Manual

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Publication 2711P-UM001J-EN-P - November 2009

Chapter 4 Configuration Mode

Configure the Touch Screen

You can configure these operations for terminals with a touch screen:

Calibrate the touch screen

Enable or disable Cursor

Set the double-tap sensitivity

Calibrate the Touch-screen

Follow these steps to calibrate the touch screen.

1. Select Terminal Settings>Input Devices>Touch


The screen for calibrating the touch screen appears.

2. Touch the center of the target (+) each of the four times it

appears on the screen.

When the calibration is complete, you will see this message.

Tap the screen to register saved data. Wait for 30 seconds to
cancel saved data and keep the current settings.

3. Tap the screen to save the data or wait 30 seconds to cancel the

saved data, retaining the current settings.


Use a plastic stylus device with a minimum tip radius of 1.3 mm
(0.051 in.) to prevent damage to the touch screen.

Carefully press and briefly hold stylus on the center of the target.

Repeat at as the target moves around the screen.