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9 Evacuation of combustion gas




Only flue accessories supplied by Glow-worm must be


Different flue outlet configurations can be carried out.

• Consult your supplier for more information about the other

possibilities and associated accessories.

44 mm/m





• Standard flue terminal kits have an in-built fall back to the

boiler to drain the condensate. These can be fitted level

between the appliance and the termination position. All other

extended flues must have a fall of at least 44mm/m

The maximum length of the flue outlet is defined according to its

type (for example C13).

• Whatever the kind of flue system chosen, observe the

minimum distances indicated in the chart


to position

the flue terminals.

• To install the flue, refer to the separate flue instruction

supplied with your appliance.

• Explain these requirements to the user of the appliance.


If necessary, you must install a terminal protection kit.


Caution! The connection between the flue elbow and

the flue outlet must be sealed.

In Gb the minimum acceptable siting dimensions for the terminal

from obstructions, other terminals and ventilation openings are

shown in diagram overleaf.

In IE the minimum distances for flue terminal positioning must be

those detailed in I.S.813 “Domestic Gas Installations”.

The terminal must be exposed to the external air, allowing free

passage of air across it at all times.

Being a condensing boiler some pluming may occur from the flue

outlet. This should be taken into consideration when selecting

the position for the terminal.

Carports or similar extensions of a roof only, or a roof and one

wall, require special consideration with respect to any openings,

doors, vents or windows under the roof. Care is required to

protect the roof if made of plastic sheeting. If the carport

comprises of a roof and two or more walls, seek advice from the

local gas supply company before installing the boiler.


If the flue terminal is positioned near a light source

insects may enter the flue system. Where safe and

practical to do so advise the homeowner to check the

flue outlet and clear visible insects from the terminal