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Condensate drain blockage

During freezing conditions this may be due to the forming of ice

in the condense drain external to the house. In this case, a safety

device shuts down the appliance.


Data label

The data label certifies the country where the appliance is

intended to be installed.

Data label location:



1 Data label

The data label contains the following data:

- The name of the manufacturer

- The country of intended destination

- The commercial name of the appliance and its serial number

- The types of flues installations authorised

- The appliance's gas category

- The gas type, group and pressure, set in the factory

- The DHW specific flow rate (D)

- The maximum pressure in the heating circuit (PMS)

- The maximum pressure in the domestic water circuit (PMW)

- The NOx class of the appliance

- The type and voltage of electricity supply

- The maximum power rating

- The electrical protection class

- The minimum and maximum heat input (Q)

- The minimum and maximum power output (P)

- The CE number and logo


The appliance shall only be connected to the gas

type(s) indicated on the data label.


Gas category

This boiler is for use only on G20, but can be converted for use on


• To adapt the appliance to another type of gas, see the chapter

"Gas conversion".


Regulation and statutory requirements


CE Mark

This boiler meets the requirements of Statutory Instrument,

No. 3083 The Boiler (Efficiency) Regulations, and therefore is

deemed to meet the requirements of Directive 92/42/EEC on the

efficiency requirements for new hot water boilers fired with liquid

or gaseous fuels.

Type test for purposes of Regulation 5 certified by: Notified body


Product/production certified by: Notified body 0086.

The CE mark indicates that the appliances described in this

manual are in compliance with the following directives:

- European directive n°2009-142 relative to gas appliances

- European directive n°2004-108 from the European Parliament

and Council relative to electromagnetic compatibility

- European directive n°2006-95 from the European Parliament

and Council relative to low voltage

- European directive n°92-42 relative to the yield of boilers


Local regulations

Benchmark places responsibilities on both manufacturers

and installers. The purpose is to ensure that customers are

provided with the correct equipment for their needs, that it is

installed, commissioned and serviced in accordance with the

manufacturer’s instructions by a competent person approved at

the time by the Health and Safety Executive and that it meets

the requirements of the appropriate Building Regulations.

The Benchmark Checklist can be used to demonstrate

compliance with Building Regulations and should be provided to

the customer for future reference.

Installers are required to carry out installation, commissioning

and servicing work in accordance with the Benchmark Code

of Practice which is available from the Heating and Hotwater

Industry Council who manage and promote the Scheme.

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