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18.10.1 Spark electrode

• Disconnect the electrode inlet (3) and the grounding cable (2).

• Remove the 2 spark electrode retaining screws (4).

• Carefully remove the electrode from the combustion chamber.

• Check that the extremes of the electrode (6) are not damaged.

• Clean away any accumulation of dirt and check that the

distance between the two electrodes is between 3.5 and 4.5


• Check that the gasket (5) is not damaged. Replace if necessary.

18.10.2 Dismantling the burner


Warning: The gasket (12) must be replaced each time

the burner is dismantled.

• Disconnect the spark electrode connector (6) from the igniter


• Remove the gas pipe (17).

• Remove the connectors from the gas valve (1) and the fan (15).

• Remove the retaining screw of the silencer.

• Loosen the 4 nuts (7).

• Remove the burner group from the heat exchanger (11).

• The studs (8) fixed to the heat exchanger must not be

damaged. Should it be damaged, replace the heat exchanger.

• The burner gate insulation should not be damaged Replace if


18.10.3 Cleaning the heat exchanger

• Clean the coil (19) in the heat exchanger (11) with water.

18.10.4 burner control

• The burner (13) does not require maintenance and should not

be cleaned.

• Check that its surface is not damage. Replace the burner if


• Following the verification or replacement of the burner,

assemble the burner group as described in the following


18.10.5 Re-assembling the burner group

• Place the burner group on the heat exchanger (11).

• Progressively tighten the 4 nuts (7) in an alternate order.

• Reassemble the silencer.

• Connect the gas tube (17) with a new gasket to the burner


• Connect the spark electrode connector (6) to the igniter unit.

• Connect the connector to the gas valve (1) and the fan (15).

• Open the appliance gas input.

• Check the watertightness of the gas connection.

18.11 Service completion

• Re-check the combustion, see chapter "Combustion check".

On completion of the service, the "Benchmark" Service Record

sould be completed.

19 Replacement of Parts

• Do not use reconditioned or copy parts, only use original parts

supplied by Glow-worm.

• If a part is required, contact the Glow-worm service


• Please quote the name of the appliance, this information will

be on the name badge on the front of the appliance.

• If in doubt seek advice from the local gas company or Glow-

worm’s own service organisation.


Replacement of parts must be carried out by a

competent person approved at the time by the Health

and Safety Executive.

PLEASE NOTE: During change of part of the combustion circuit, we

recommend that the following is the following must be checked:

- The integrity of the flue system and the flue seals,

- The integrity of the boiler combustion circuit and the relevant


- The operational (working) gas inlet pressure at maximum rate,

- The gas rate,

- The combustion performance.

19.1 General


The replacement of parts described in sections

"Combustion block" will require the removal of the

burner module assembly and the replacement of seal

and self locking nuts.

Replacement parts that have associated components that need

replacing on removal, i.e. ‘O’ ring, seals, gasket, etc., will be

supplied and should be fitted.

• Before replacing any parts of the boiler, isolate from the mains

electric supply and turn off the gas at the gas service isolation

valve on the boiler.

Unless stated otherwise parts are replaced in the reverse order to


• After replacing any parts, always test for gas soundness and if

necessary carry out functional test of the controls.