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13.3 CO



The combustion for this appliance has been pre-set at the factory

for operation on Natural Gas G20 as defined on the appliance

data label.

No adjustment of the combustion is necessary.

If you wish to check the combustion then follow the instructions

in the Servicing section.

13.4 Re-check and restart

• Once the appliance is installed, check the operation of the


• Start the appliance to ensure that any adjustments operate

correctly and check that the appliance operates safely.

• Erase the fault code history from the appliance. To do this,

refer to the section “Installation settings” and use code


• Check the gas-tightness and water-tightness of the appliance

and eliminate any leaks.

• Check that the flue joints are tested for tightness and fitted in

accordance with the instructions.

• Check the entire control and safety system, its settings and its


14 User information

At the end of the installation, the installer must:

- explain the operation of the appliance and its safety devices to

the user, if necessary provide a demonstration and answer any


- hand over to the user all the required documentation,

- fill in the documents where necessary;

- advise the user of the precautions necessary to prevent

damage to the system, appliance and the building;

- remind the user to service the appliance annually.

• Draw attention, if applicable, to the current issue of the Gas

Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, Section 35, which

imposes a duty of care on all persons who let out any property

containing a gas appliance in the UK.

The user shall not interfere with or adjust sealed components.

It is the Law that any servicing is carried out by a competent

person approved at the time by the Health and Safety Executive.

• Advise the user that, like all condensing boilers this appliance

will produce a plume of condensation from the flue terminal in

cool weather. This is due to the high efficiency and low flue gas

temperature of the boiler.

• Advise the user that the permanent mains electrical supply

should not be switched off, as the built in frost protection and

pump exercise program will not operate.

• Advise the User if the mains electricity and gas are to be

turned off for any long periods during severe weather, it is

recommended that the whole system, including the boiler,

should be drained to avoid the risk of freezing.


Sealed system: The system must be refilled to the

correct pressure

by a competent person

as indicated

in these instructions

• Leave these instructions and the ‘Benchmark’ Installation,

Commissioning and Service Record with the user.