Installation – Glow-worm Ultracom2 35 Store User Manual

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• Activate the Heating and Domestic Hot Water functions.

• Run the appliance for at least 15 minutes, with a heating

temperature set to greater than or equal to 50°C (not

applicable for an installation with underfloor heating).

• Vent air from each radiator again until the water flows

normally, then close the vents.


Verify that condensates drain correctly via the flexible

pipe. If not, prime the siphon by pouring a ¼ litre of

water down the combustion products

flue outlet


• If you have difficulties in removing the air, launch the air-

removal programs in the heating circuit (see the chapter

("Technical settings for the appliance and list of parameters").

• Make sure that the pressure indicator shows a value of 0.8

bars; otherwise, fill the appliance again.

12.5 Initial lighting




The combustion for this appliance has been checked,

adjusted and preset at the factory for operation on

natural gas (G20) as defined on the appliance data


No measurement of the combustion is necessary.

Should the appliance require to be converted to LPG

gas ensure you follow the gas conversion section

before lighting the boiler.

• Check that the appliance has been installed in accordance with

the instructions.

• Check the integrity of the flue system and flue seals.

• Check the integrity of the appliance combustion circuit and

relevant seals.

• Check that all internal/external controls are calling for heat.

• Check that the gas service isolation is open.

• To adapt the appliance to another type of gas, see chapter

"LPG conversion".


Adjusting the temperature










1 Reset button

2 Display

3 On/Off button

4 Heating temperature controls (+/-)

5 Central Heating function button/Indicator

6 Domestic hot water function button/Indicator

7 Domestic hot water temperature controls (+/-)

• Light the appliance by following the procedure below.

• Select the "Heating + domestic hot water" function by pressing

the “Central Heating Function Button/Indicator and Domestic

hot water Function Button/Indicator” buttons repeatedly to

scroll through your options until are shown.

The appliance will enter a self checking routine, then the fan

will start and the ignition sequence commence. The boiler, if

necessary, will automatically repeat the ignition sequence a

further 4 times.

If the burner fails to ignite “F28” will be displayed, initially, this

may be due to air in the gas supply line. Press the reset button.

Do not use the reset button to purge the installation - never press

reset more than 3 times.

• Press the Central Heating Function Button/Indicator button

and the factory setting temperature will be displayed.

• Press or buttons to adjust.

• Press the Domestic hot water Function Button/Indicator

button and the factory setting temperature will be displayed.

• Press or buttons to adjust.

• Open a hot water tap, the display will indicate the domestic

hot water temperature.

• Check that hot water is available at all taps, then close.