Installation – Glow-worm Ultracom2 35 Store User Manual

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Status of the appliance

• Press button of the Heating temperature controls for

more than 3 seconds to learn the current state of functioning

of the appliance.

The screen displays the state of the appliance "S.XX".

• Press the


for more than 3 seconds to exit this


Status Heating Mode

S.00 No request for heating
S.01 Pre-run fan
S.02 Pre-run pump
S.03 Ignition
S.04 Burner lit
S.05 Post run pump/fan
S.06 Post run fan
S.07 Post run pump
S.08 Time delay anti short-cycles after heating

Status Domestic hot water heating

S.20 Pre-run pump
S.21 Pre-run fan
S.23 Ignition
S.24 Burner lit
S.25 Post run pump/fan
S.26 Post run fan
S.27 Post run pump
S.28 The boiler blocks tank reheating after a reheating cycle.

Status Specific messages


Default status, no request for heating or domestic water. If an

EBUS controller is connected to the boiler, check that a wiring

link is present on terminals 3 and 4 of the boiler's main board.

S.31 "Hot water only" mode

S.32 Control cycle: the speed of the fan in the functioning phase is

outside tolerance.

S.34 "Frost protection" mode
S.39 Underfloor heating contact open.
S.41 Water pressure too high.

S.53 Waiting cycle: temperature differential between heating flow

and return is too high. If ∆T > 30, forcing to Pmin.

S.54 Waiting cycle: lack of water in the installation/temperature rise

between heating flow and return is too high.

S.96 Test temperature sensor for heating return.

S.98 Test temperature sensors for heating flow and return, or the

appliance has a fault.


Test modes

By activating these various test modes, you can enable special

functions on the appliance.

• Press the on/off button to switch off the appliance.

• While keeping



pressed for more than 5

seconds, press the on/off button.

The screen displays the first test mode "P01" and "Off".

• Press button or

of mode

to choose the test mode that

you wish to launch.

• Test mode "P.01" :

- Press the


to display the burner forcing setting.

The screen displays "P.01" and "0".

- Press button or

of mode

to modify the value of the

setting from "0" (0%) to "100" (100%).

- Press the


for 1 second to exit the submenu or for

more than 7 seconds to access the configuration menu.

• Test mode "P.02" to "P.07" :

- Press

to launch the test mode. The screen displays

"P.0X" and "On".

- The test mode will be automatically stop after 15 minutes.

• When you have finished, press the reset button or the On/

Off button to exit the test modes.

Code Parameter



Forcing the


burner when


The appliance functions at a power

adjustable from "0" (0% = Pmin.) to "100"

(100% = Pmax.) by using buttons or

of the Heating temperature controls

after successful ignition.


Forcing the

burner to heating

ignition power

The appliance functions at ignition power

after successful ignition.


Forcing the

burner to Heating


The appliance functions at its maximum

power after successful ignition.

P.05 Filling the


The 3 way valve is in the central position,

the pump and the burner stop so that the

appliance can be filled.

P.06 Venting the


The function is activated for a period of 5

minutes on the heating circuit.

Make sure that the air vent is open.

P.07 Venting the


The function is activated for a period of 5

minutes on the short circuit.

Make sure that the air vent is open.