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1 Instructions guidance


Product documentation

The instructions are an integral part of the appliance and must be

handed to the user on completion of the installation in order to

comply with the current regulation.

• Carefully read the manual, to understand all the information

to enable safe installation, use and servicing. No liability can

be accepted in the event of damage for not complying with the

guidance in this instruction manual.

These instructions consist of, Installation, Servicing, Fault Finding,

Replacement of Parts and Spares. The instructions are an integral

part of the appliance and must, to comply with the current issue of

the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, be handed to the

user on completion of the installation.


Associated documents

- 1 Instructions for use

- 1 magnetic lighting instruction label

- 1 flue guide

- 1 extended guarantee leaflet

- 1 guarantee envelope pack

- 1 wall template

- 1 gas conversion label


Explanation of symbols


DANGER: Risk of injuries.


DANGER: Risk of electric shock.


ATTENTION: Risk of damage to the appliance or to its



IMPORTANT: Important information.


Guarantee registration

Thank you for installing a new Glow-worm appliance in your home.

Glow-worm appliances are manufactured to the very

highest standard so we are pleased to offer our customers a

Comprehensive Guarantee.

This product is guaranteed for 24 months from the date of

installation or 30 months from the date of manufacture,

whichever is the shorter, for parts and labour.

The second year of guarantee, from the beginning of the 13th

month onwards after installation or manufacture, is conditional

upon the boiler having been serviced by a competent person

approved at the time by the Health and Safety Executive, in

accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. We

strongly recommend regular servicing of your gas appliance, but

where the condition is not met, any chargeable spare parts or

components issued within the applicable guarantee period still

benefit from a 12 month warranty from the date of issue by the


We recommend you complete and return as soon as possible

your guarantee registration card. If your guarantee registration

card is missing you can obtain a copy or record your registration

by telephoning the Glow-worm Customer Service number 01773


2 Appliance description


Safety devices


Overheating safety

The appliance is designed to recognise the potential for an

overheat lockout and will shutdown before this happens.


Safety discharge valve

Heating and


discharge safety valves and a


omestic hot

water pressure relief valve are fitted to the boiler. This valve must

not be touched.

- The heating safety valve opens when the pressure in the

heating circuit exceeds 3 bars.

- The domestic hot water safety valve opens when the pressure

in the heating circuit exceeds 10 bars.

• Should there be any discharge from the pipe, isolate the boiler

electrical supply and call your installer or Glow-worm’s own

service organisation.


frost protection

The frost protection system operates the pump to start as soon as

the temperature in the heating circuit falls below 12°C. The pump

stops as soon as the temperature of the water contained in the

heating circuit reaches 15°C.

If the temperature in the heating system falls below 7°C, the

burner ignites until it reaches 35°C.

The frost-protection system is active when the appliance is

switched on.

The system alone cannot ensure that the installation is protected

against frost. An separate frost thermostat is necessary to control

the temperature of the system.


Your domestic water circuit (hot or cold) is not

protected by the boiler.