Configure your ultra3000 drive, Configuring your ultra3000 drive with, Rslogix 5000 software – Rockwell Automation 2090 Ultra3000 Servo Drives Integration Manual User Manual

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Publication 2098-IN005C-EN-P — March 2008


Commissioning Your Ultra3000 Drive

Configuring Your Ultra3000
Drive with RSLogix 5000

In this section you will configure your Ultra3000 drive by using
Ultraware software, configure the Logix analog motion module by
using RSLogix 5000 software, and test/tune your axis.

Configure Your Ultra3000 Drive

Follow these steps to configure your Ultra3000 drive.

1. Apply power to your Ultra3000 drive

Refer to the section Apply Power To Your Ultra3000 Drive.

2. Start your Ultraware software and make sure your Ultra3000 drive

is detected.

Refer to the section Detect Your Ultra3000 Drive.

3. Select a motor.

Refer to the section Select a Motor.

4. Expand Operation Modes in the Drive properties dialog.

5. From the Operation Mode pull-down menu, choose Analog

Current Input.

6. Double-click Digital Outputs.

The Digital Output properties dialog opens.

7. From the Output 1 pull-down menu, choose Ready.

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