Sentbox – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Settings: allows you to change your Community settings.

Send IM to: allows you to send an IM to a selected contact.

Saved Conversations: shows permanent records of your Instant Messaging conversations.

Minimize: minimizes the IM window.

Sign Out: allows you to logoff or disconnect from this IM session.



to return to idle mode.


This message box stores messages that you have sent or messages that you attempted to send but were not
actually sent.

When you enter this menu, the list of messages in the box displays with the recipients’ phone numbers or names, if
available in your Contacts.


From the Home screen, touch Messages


A list of messages that are currently sending or have already sent displays.


Prior to viewing an outgoing message, you can choose one of the following options:

• Create: allows you to create a message.

• Sort by: allows you to display messages in the Sentbox by Date, Recipient, Type, Subject, Size, or Lock/Unlock.

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Move: moves the selected message to a personal folder. At the create folder prompt, touch OK. Enter a name for the new folder and
touch Done. Or, if a folder already exists, touch Move.

Delete: allows you to delete a selected message from the Sentbox.

• Back: displays the previous screen.

Important!: In this example the options listed apply to a selected Text (SMS) message. Options vary depending on the type of selected



Select an outgoing message from the list to view the message and select one of the following options:

Note: Options vary depending on the selected message type.

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