Other important safety information – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Any changes or modifications to your phone not expressly approved in this document could void your warranty for
this equipment, and void your authority to operate this equipment. Only use approved batteries, antennas and
chargers. The use of any unauthorized accessories may be dangerous and void the phone warranty if said
accessories cause damage or a defect to the phone.

Although your phone is quite sturdy, it is a complex piece of equipment and can be broken. Avoid dropping, hitting,
bending or sitting on it.

Other Important Safety Information

Only qualified personnel should service the phone or install the phone in a vehicle. Faulty installation or service may be

dangerous and may invalidate any warranty applicable to the device.

Check regularly that all wireless phone equipment in your vehicle is mounted and operating properly.

Do not store or carry flammable liquids, gases or explosive materials in the same compartment as the phone, its parts or


For vehicles equipped with an air bag, remember that an air bag inflates with great force. Do not place objects, including both

installed or portable wireless equipment in the area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area. If wireless equipment is
improperly installed and the air bag inflates, serious injury could result.

Switch your phone off before boarding an aircraft. The use of wireless phone in aircraft is illegal and may be dangerous to the

aircraft's operation.

Failure to observe these instructions may lead to the suspension or denial of telephone services to the offender, or legal action,

or both.

NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency)

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