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Call Functions 52

Redialing the Last Number

The phone stores the numbers of the calls you have dialed, received, or missed if the caller is identified.

To recall any of these numbers:


Touch Menu

Call log to display the logs. All is the default but you can use the drop down list to select All

calls, All, Missed calls, or Outgoing calls (a list of the most recently used numbers in the order you dialed or

received them).


Select the number to view details.



to dial the number.

Adjusting the Call Volume

During a call, use the Volume keys on the left side of the phone, to adjust the earpiece volume.

Press the Up volume key to increase the volume level and the Down volume key to decrease the level.

From the Home screen, you can also adjust the ring volume using these keys.

Answering a Call

When somebody calls you, the phone rings and displays the incoming call image.

The caller’s phone number, or name if stored in Contacts, displays.



to answer the incoming call.

If the Any key option in the Answering mode menu is activated, you can touch any key to answer a call

except for the

key. For more information, refer to “Call Settings” on page 178.

Note: To reject an incoming call, press



End the call by pressing


Note: You can answer a call while using Contacts or menu features. After ending the call, the phone returns to the function screen you

were previously using.

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