Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

Page 143

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Camera 140

Camera Options

While in capture mode, touch the screen at any time to configure Camera Options:

Camera/Video: allows you to switch between Camera and Camcorder.

Shooting Mode: takes a photo in various modes.

Single: takes a single photo and allows you to view it before returning to the shooting mode.

Smile shot: the camera focuses on the foreground or subject and not on the background.

Continuous: allows you to hold down the Camera key to take a succession of up to 9 photos.

Panorama: takes multiple photos to be combined into single panoramic image.

Mosaic: Takes several photos and then groups them together into a single final photo.

Timer: allows you to set a time delay between the time you press the Camera key, and when the camera
captures the photo. Select Off, 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

Shooting mode

Toggles from camera
to video mode

Sets a time delay

Configures settings

Sets the brightness

Sets the default destination

View the image from
the Photos folder

Displays the previous

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