Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Messaging Applications 102


This message box stores messages that you may want to edit or send at a later time.

When you enter this menu, the list of messages in the box displays.


From the Home screen, touch Messages


A list of draft messages displays.


Prior to viewing the draft the following options display:

• Create: allows you to create a draft message.

• Sort by: allows you to sort the drafts folder by Recipient, Type, Subject, or Size.

• More:

Move: allows you to move the selected message to another folder.

Delete: allows you to delete a selected draft message.


While viewing a draft message, you can choose from the following options, depending on the type of


• Send to: allows you to send the draft to Recent recipients, Contacts, Online albums, New email, or a

New number.

• Save in drafts: allows you to resave this file to the drafts.

• More:

Note: Options vary depending on the selected message type.

Preview: allows you to preview the contents of the selected message.

Add page: inserts an additional page into the message and automatically converts to a Picture message.

Add subject: allows you to add a subject to the message. Automatically changes the type of message to a picture message.

Add attachment: allows you to insert an Event, Tasks, or Memo into the message.

Edit style: allows you to modify the Background color, Font color, Font style, or Page duration for this message.

Sending options: allows you to configure the sending options such as: Priority, Expiration, Delivery time, Request delivery report,
Request read report, or Keep a copy. If the selected message is a text message, these options include: Reply path and Request delivery

Select language:

allows you to set the language for this message. Choices are: English, Français, or Español.

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