Creating an audio postcard – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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New Messages Tab

The New Messages Tab is an area that displays on the screen when a missed call, new message, or voicemail is
sent to the phone.

There are three New Messages tabs that display icons are New message, Missed calls, and Voice mail message.
You can search through missed calls or unviewed messages and select the associated message tab, and then touch
the View or Exit Selection.

Creating an Audio Postcard

In this menu you can select a frame, take a picture and then record a voice message up to one minute long and
send it as an Audio Postcard.


From the Home screen, press

then press Audio postcard. The screen displays a default postcard

in Landscape mode.


Touch the Left

or Right

key to display more postcard frames.

– or –

Touch the Choose Frame icon to choose one of the 16 available frames.


To configure the camera for this Audio postcard touch Setup then touch the Settings

Camera tab.

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