Availability of various features/ring tones, Battery standby and talk time, Battery precautions – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Avoid exposing your phone and accessories to rain or liquid spills. If your phone does get wet, immediately turn the power off

and remove the battery. If it is inoperable, call Customer Care for service.

Availability of Various Features/Ring Tones

Many services and features are network dependent and may require additional subscription and/or usage charges.
Not all features are available for purchase or use in all areas. Downloadable Ring Tones may be available at an
additional cost. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. See your service provider for additional information.

Battery Standby and Talk Time

Standby and talk times will vary depending on phone usage patterns and conditions. Battery power consumption
depends on factors such as network configuration, signal strength, operating temperature, features selected,
frequency of calls, and voice, data, and other application usage patterns.

Battery Precautions

Avoid dropping the cell phone. Dropping it, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause damage to the phone and battery.

If you suspect damage to the phone or battery, take it to a service center for inspection.

Never use any charger or battery that is damaged in any way.

Do not modify or remanufacture the battery as this could result in serious safety hazards.

If you use the phone near the network's base station, it uses less power; talk and standby time are greatly affected by the signal

strength on the cellular network and the parameters set by the network operator.

Follow battery usage, storage and charging guidelines found in the user’s guide.

Battery charging time depends on the remaining battery charge and the type of battery and charger used. The battery can be

charged and discharged hundreds of times, but it will gradually wear out. When the operation time (talk time and standby time)
is noticeably shorter than normal, it is time to buy a new battery.

If left unused, a fully charged battery will discharge itself over time.

Use only Samsung-approved batteries and recharge your battery only with Samsung-approved chargers. When a charger is not

in use, disconnect it from the power source. Do not leave the battery connected to a charger for more than a week, since
overcharging may shorten its life.

Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers. Some Web sites and second-hand dealers, not associated with

reputable manufacturers and carriers, might be selling incompatible or even counterfeit batteries and chargers. Consumers
should purchase manufacturer or carrier recommended products and accessories. If unsure about whether a replacement
battery or charger is compatible, contact the manufacturer of the battery or charger.

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