Changing the text input mode – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Sym/shift displays pages of Symbols. Choose from an extensive list of symbols and other character sets.

Alt+Sym/shift allows you to enter the Symbol displayed on the key. Also converts the alphabetic character into

uppercase. Changes the text input mode to Upper/Lower case mode.


www/.com Alt+Sym/shift inserts www. Press www/.com key to enter the .com when entering a URL in the

browser, or when logging in to Instant Messenger.


Space inserts an empty space.


OK allows you to accept the choices offered when navigating through a menu.


Return moves the insertion point to the next line in a message.


Navigation keys scrolls through the phone’s menu options.


Backspace deletes the previous character, similar to the backspace key on a computer keyboard.

The keyboard provides dual-use keys labeled with alphabetic characters on the lower half and numbers and
symbols on the upper half. Touch the key corresponding to the character you want to enter.

Changing the Text Input Mode

When using your phone, you often need to enter text, such as when storing a name in your Contacts, creating your
personal greeting or scheduling events on your calendar. You can enter alphanumeric characters by using your
phone’s keypad.

Your phone has the following text input modes:

ABC: this mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key labeled with the corresponding letter.

T9Ab: this mode allows you to enter words with only one keystroke per letter. The T9 mode automatically compares the series

of keystrokes you make with an internal linguistic dictionary to determine the most likely word, thus requiring fewer keystrokes
than the traditional ABC mode.

Numeric: this mode allows you to enter numbers. (Numeric displays on the external screen only).

Symbols: this mode allows you to enter symbols, such as punctuation marks.

Note: When you are in a field where you can enter characters, the text input mode indicator displays on the top right portion of

the screen.

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