Social buzz – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Messaging Applications 94


After viewing a Push message, you may choose the following options:

• Reply: allows you to send a reply to the sender by sending a message.

• Delete: allows you to delete the selected push message.

• More:

Forward: allows you to forward the message to another number.

Save in Contacts:

stores the number in your Phone memory, or updates the information if the number is already saved.

Save as template: allows you to save the push message text as a template.

Print via Bluetooth: sends the message to a Bluetooth enabled printer.

Sorting Message Inbox Messages

Your Inbox messages can be sorted by Date, Sender, Type, Subject, Size, and Lock/Unlock.

To sort the Inbox:


From the Home screen, touch Messages

Message inbox.


Touch Sort by and select a method by which you want to view the messages (Date, Sender, Type, Subject,

Size, Lock/Unlock).

Moving Messages from the Inbox

You can move messages from the Inbox to another folder or location.

To move messages:


From the Home screen, touch Messages

Message inbox.





Touch the check box next to each message you want to move to another folder or location.


Touch Move to folders.

Social Buzz

When you first open this application the Status screen displays. After login to your social networking applications
(Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace), status updates display automatically in the top box for any of your friends for each
of these applications. Your Facebook status displays your status automatically as you post. You can view a stream
of updates from friends, as well as your inbox or wall.

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