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• Call status tones: allows you to activate the phone to alert you when the call connects with a Call connect tone, Minute minder,

or call end tone.

• Alerts on call: activates an alert tone for new messages being received during an active call.

• Call forwarding: incoming calls are re-routed to a secondary number that you specify.

• Call barring: allows you to restrict specific types of incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

• Call waiting: this network service informs you when someone is trying to reach you during another call. You can specify

individual call waiting options for voice calls.

• Auto redial: automatically redials the last number if the call was either cut off or you were unable to connect.

• Auto reply: sets up an automatic text reply for incoming calls.

• Automatic screen lock: automatically locks the screen after a call to prevent key presses.

Application Settings

The Application Settings feature allows you to configure the functional parameters for most of the on-board
applications. These applications are described in more detail within other sections of this manual.

• Messaging

• Calendar

• Contacts

• Data roaming

• Web

• Music player


From the Home screen, press

then touch Settings

Application settings.


Touch an application to view the available settings and refer to the section of this manual that addresses the

particular settings.

Enabling Data Roaming

This feature allows you to control the use of data services when your phone is in roaming mode.

Important!: Once data roaming is disabled, avoid applications that may reactivate the data roaming feature and charges incurred.

Please contact your T-Mobile service center for details.


From the Home screen, press

then touch Settings

Application settings

Data roaming.

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