Delete by folder – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Block subject (0): allows you to block email that contains certain subjects. Turn the feature On, then enter the subject(s) in the

text field. Displays the number (in brackets) of subjects blocked.

Voicemail settings

Note: You cannot edit the Voicemail phone number field.

From the Home screen, touch Messages

Messaging settings


Push Message Settings

From the Home screen, touch Messages

Messaging settings

Push message.

• Receiving options: you can specify whether to turn push message reception On or Off.

• Service Loading: specify whether to load this service: Always, Prompt, or Never.

Delete by folder

This menu allows you to delete all of the messages in each individual message box. Or, you can also delete All of
your messages in all message boxes at one time.

Important!: Once messages are deleted, they cannot be recovered.


From the Home screen, touch Messages

Delete by folder.


Touch the checkbox to the right for a message box to clear.

– or –

Touch Select all to delete all of your messages or touch a checkbox next to each category to delete and touch



At the Locked messages confirmation, touch Yes to delete your selections.

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