Today, Voice mail, Voice recognition – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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This menu displays the current day and date.

Touch, drag and drop the Today icon onto the desktop to view the current Day and Date.

For more information, refer to “Time & Date” on page 173.

Voice Mail

You can access your Voice Mail by either pressing and holding

on the keypad, by using the

phone’s menu, or by touching the Voice Mail widget in the Widget bar.

For more information, refer to “Voicemail” on page 95.

Voice recognition

An advanced voice software used to activate a wide variety of functions on your phone. Nuance


software automatically voice activates (up to 2,000 contacts) for voice dialing and searching. Speak
a contact name naturally to dial, and use your voice to look up contacts, launch applications and
navigate phone menus.

From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and tap the Voice widget to launch the

Nuance (Voice) application.

For more information, refer to “Voice Recognition” on page 59.

Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder allows you to record an audio file up to one minute long and then immediately
send it as a message.


From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and touch, drag and drop the Voice

Recorder widget onto the Home screen.

For more information, refer to “Using the Voice Recorder” on page 130.

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