Rss feeds, Browser settings, Rss feeds browser settings – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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RSS Feeds

The RSS feed feature allow you to read up-to-date web pages, news, and other information (such as updates)

distributed through an RSS feed.

Enter the RSS feed address in the RSS reader to create an entry, then periodically update the entry manually or

To set up the RSS reader feature:


From the Home screen, press

then touch Web

RSS feed.


Touch Add.


Touch the Add field, enter a URL for the RSS feed, then touch Done.


Touch OK from the Add popup to accept your entry.

The URL automatically retrieves.


Touch Subscribe Now.

Browser Settings

Various settings are available when you are using the web browser to navigate the wireless web.

From the Home screen, press

then touch Web


Clear cache

You can clear the information stored in the cache, (the phone’s temporary memory) which stores the most recently
accessed web pages.

At the Clear cache? prompt, touch the Yes soft key to confirm the deletion or touch No to cancel.

Delete cookies

Cookies identify who you are when you visit favorite web sites; however, they are also used to track your web
surfing habits. Deleting all the cookies provides security.


Touch Delete cookies.


At the Delete cookies? prompt, touch Yes to delete, or touch No to cancel.

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