Unlocking the phone – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Unlocking the Phone

When you first turn on the device the screen is locked (as shown) and displays the Smart unlock guide (see “Smart
on page 178.) Press
and hold the lock icon on the side of the phone or draw a character to unlock the

Note: Smart unlock must be setup before you can draw a character to unlock the phone. For more information, refer to “Smart Unlock”

on page 178.

If you want to permanently unlock the phone:

From the Home screen, press

then touch Settings

Phone settings

Touch panel auto-lock and

press the Off button.

Widget Bar

The Widget bar provides quick access to the items you use most frequently (Web, Photo, Message inbox, IM, Tips,
Telenav, Voice recognition, Calendar, Bluetooth, Today, Message composer, Games and apps, Voice mail, Widget
memo, Digital clock, Analog clock, Dual clock, Birthday, Voice recorder, Calculator, Weather, Imaging tools, Search,
Google Maps, YouTube, Social Buzz, and Email box). For more information about the Widget bar, see “Widgets and
the Widget Bar”
on page 24.

Function categories

Function categories are also shortcuts to the Dialer (for dialing a number), Contacts (accessing the Contacts), Web
(for Internet connection), and Messages (displays the icons for application access). While viewing the Main Menu,
the Menu category changes to Home. The Home icon returns you to the Home screen where the time, date, and
Widget bar display.

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