Alarm clock – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Applications 126

Browse Games Options


Touch a game to start playing.

– or –


Touch one of the following options:

• Rename: allows you to rename the game file.

• Delete: allows you to delete one or more games from the list.

• More:

Lock/Unlock: allows you to prevent or allow deletion of the selected game, or unlock it to allow deletion.

Details: displays information about the MIDlet, such as file Size, Version, Supplier, Date, Location, and Sign.

TeleNav GPS

TeleNav is a driving aid that uses both audible and visual instruction for GPS navigation.


From the Home screen, press

then touch TeleNav.


At the prompt, read the agreement and press ACCEPT to accept the terms, or press Exit to close the window.

Important!: Charges may apply when using TeleNav Navigator.

Social Buzz

For more information, refer to “Social Buzz” on page 156.

Alarm Clock

This feature allows you to:

Set up to 10 alarms to ring at specified times.

Set the phone to switch on automatically and ring the alarm even if the phone is switched off.

To set the alarm:


From the Home screen, press

then touch Applications


– or –

From the Home screen, open the Widget bar and tap the Alarm widget.


Touch the screen or touch Create alarm to create a new alarm.

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