Videos – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Camera 150


To access your videos:


From the Home screen, press

then touch Videos.

When you access this menu, your phone displays videos in Line view or Thumbnail view, depending on

which mode you select. Touch the Line view/Thumbnail view icon in the upper, left corner of the screen to

change the view.


The following options are available:

• Record video: allows you to begin recording a video.

• Create folder: allows you to create a folder for your video files.

• Manage: allows you to move or copy video files to another location.

• More:

Custom Slideshow: allows you to create a slideshow using the selected video file.

Delete: allows you to delete one or more video files.

Rename: allows you to rename a video file.

Sort by: allows you to organize your video files by Date, Type, Name, or Size.

Send via Bluetooth: allows you to send this video to a Bluetooth enabled device.

Videos: allows you to scroll through videos in the videos folder, and choose options for a selected video.

Send to My Album?: allows you to send this video to My Album online.

Play: allows you to review the video.

Send via: sends the video as an attachment to a Message, Email, Exchange email, or via

Delete: allows you to delete the currently displayed photo.

More: allows you to choose additional options.

Default destination: allows you to Remove or Change the default destination for videos.

Slideshow: displays all videos in a slideshow

Rename: allows you to rename the selected video.

Details: displays information about the selected video.

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