Options during a call – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Options During a Call

Your phone provides a number of control functions that are available for use during a call.

Turning the Speakerphone on and off

While on a call, you can use your Speakerphone by pressing the Speaker icon to turn the speakerphone on or off.

Tip: When the speaker is turned On, the color of the speaker is teal. When the speaker is turned Off, the color of the speaker is gray.

Switch to Bluetooth Headset

While on a call, switch to the Bluetooth headset instead of speaker by pressing the Headset icon.

Muting a Call

During a call you can activate the Mute feature. This feature is used, for example, during a multiparty call when you
want to listen to the call but do not want to interrupt with background noise or talking.


Touch the Mute icon so the other caller cannot hear you speaking.


Touch the Mute icon to turn mute off and resume your conversation.

In-call options

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