Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Messaging Applications 108

Default Style

Allows you to select the Background color, Font color, Font style, and Page duration for all picture messages.

Email message settings

Use the following options to set Send and Receive settings for Email messages.

From the Home screen, touch Messages

Messaging settings


Sending options

From: allows you to enter the name of the person sending the message.

Send account: Requires a description here. This option is not available.

Priority: select the priority level of your messages. Selections are: High, Normal, or Low.

Keep a copy: when this option is enabled, your phone maintains a copy of all the sent email messages.

Reply with body: replies to the message maintaining the original message.

Forward with files: forwards the email message as well as attachments to another recipient.

Get read report: when this option is enabled, your phone sends a request for a reply along with your message to the recipient.

Get delivery report: allows you to activate or deactivate the report function. When this option is enabled, the network informs

you whether your message was delivered.

Add my namecard: attaches your namecard to the Email message.

Add signature: allows you to attach a signature to this Email message.

Signature: allows you to automatically add your signature to None, New emails, or All emails.

Receiving options

Download limit: allows you to limit the amount of data that downloads. Selections are: 100 KB, 300 KB, 500 KB, or 5M.

Auto polling: allows the phone to check for new email messages (On), not check (poll) - Off, or poll the Home network only.

Polling frequency: determines the frequency that your phone checks (polls) the network for new messages. Selections are:

30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or 1 day.
Note: Auto polling must be set to On or Home network only for this feature to activate.

Send read report: when this option is enabled, your phone sends a notification back to the recipient indicating that your

message was read.

Block address (0): allows you to block email sent by specific contacts or groups. Displays the number (in brackets) of blocked

contacts or groups.

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