Google maps, Imaging tools, Instant messaging – Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Google Maps

Google Maps allow you to track your current location, view real-time traffic issues, and view
detailed destination directions. There is also a search tool included to help you locate places
of interest or a specific address. You can view locations on a vector or aerial map, or you can
view locations at the street level.

From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and tap the Google Maps widget.

For more information, refer to “Google Maps” on page 136.

Imaging Tools

The Imaging Tools icon displays shortcuts that you can use to take photos, create slideshows,
manage and print photos, or use the service features provided by Flickr, Kodak, Photobucket,
and Snapfish.


From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and tap the Imaging tools widget.


Select one of the services, Photos, Take Photo, Flickr, Kodak, Photobucket, or Snapfish.


Touch Settings and touch the check box next to each imaging tool you want to display in

this menu, then touch Save.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (IM) is a way of sending short, simple messages that are delivered immediately
to users online at that moment.

Before using this feature, you need to subscribe to a messenger service. For further details, contact
your service provider.

From the Home screen, open the Widget tray and touch the IM widget to launch the

Select community screen.

For more information, refer to “IM (Instant Messaging)” on page 99.

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