Samsung SGH-T669AAATMB User Manual

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Messaging Applications 86


Select one of the following options:

• White balance: allows you to set this option from the following choices: Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, or Cloudy.

• Effects: allows you to change the color tone or apply special effects to the photo. Options include: None, Black and white,

Sepia, Negative, or Watercolor.

• Exposure meter: allows you to set how the camera measures or meters the light source: Matrix, Centre-weighted or Spot.

• Image quality: allows you to set the image quality to: Superfine, Fine, or Normal.

• Night mode: allows you to set the camera options to capture night scenes.


To configure the settings touch Setup then touch the Settings

Settings tab.

• Review: allows you to set review preferences to on, off, or 5 seconds.

• GPS connection: allows you to activate (turn On) or deactivate (turn Off) the GPS tracking feature.

• Shutter sound: allows you to set the shutter sound: Shutter 1, Shutter 2, Shutter 3, or Off.

• Storage: allows you to select phone or card storage.


Touch Timer to set a time delay before the camera takes the photo. Select the length of delay you want and

touch Off, 2, 5, or 10 seconds. When you touch the Camera key, the camera takes the photo after the

specified time elapses.


Touch Brightness to increase or decrease the brightness levels.


Adjust the image by aiming the camera at the subject.


Press the Camera key to take a picture.


Touch Record voice to add a voice message to the postcard.


Touch Send to when you are finished recording your message and select one of the following options:

• Recent recipients: allows you to select a number or an address from the last 20 destinations you entered.

• Contacts: allows you to enter the phone number you want from your Contacts list.

• Online albums: displays a list of online albums to which you can save this Audio Postcard.

• New email: allows you to enter a new email address in which to send this Audio Postcard.

• New number: allows you to enter a new phone number in which to send this Audio Postcard.

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